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Aidone and Morgantina

One of the most interesting archaeological sites in the Sicilian hinterland is doubtless the ancient Greek town of Morgantina, near Aidone, in the province of Enna. This town is located in a small valley surrounded by sweet hills and an Agora stands in the middle of this valley, dominated by “Colle della Cittadella” (Citadel Hill) where an acropolis was built. The area of the Agora is the most interesting part of the whole archaeological site in Morgantina.
The Greek Theatre is doubtless a remarkable place. Its semicircular cavea consists of 15 steps and is divided into six sections. It is possible that there weren’t only stone stairs but also wooden stairs in order to provide more seats (5,000 seats). The Chthonic Gods Sanctuary has a trapezoidal plan and archaeologists found polychrome votive busts representing Demeter inside it. To the east of the Greek Theatre there is a public granary from the 3rd century BC. It has a rectangular plan and there is some evidence that there were two furnaces inside it, which means that ceramic vases were produced there in the past.

Along the perimeter of the archaeological site it is still possible to see the ancient city walls, which followed the orographic features of the area and therefore have a very irregular layout. The towers that once stood in correspondence of the four entrances of the acropolis were completely destroyed and today we can only admire the remains of few ramparts and huts and the ruins of the city and the holy site.

The archaeological finds which were collected in the site in Morgantina are shown in the small but very beautiful Archaeological Museum located in Aidone. The most ancient items date back from the Iron Age and the most recent ones are from the 1st century BC.

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